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The Genius of Birds – Book of the Week Seven

Genius of Birds

Why Birds really are Genius

This week’s bird book is an international offering and includes birds from around the globe. Jennifer Ackerman takes you on a non-stop journey into the incredible behaviour of birds from many countries.

 Jawdroppingly intelligent, birds can memorise thousands of songs, hide tens of thousands of seeds (in different places!) and even use tools to get the things they want. Ackerman shines a torch of the most remarkable avian behaviours and you cannot fail to be amazed.

We may think that all birds do is look for food and sing in the trees but, in fact, the social structures an interactions are far more advanced than many people realise, says Ackerman.

In fact, birds:

  • eavesdrop
  • Give gifts
  •  Tease
  • Console
  •  and all sorts of other behaviour!

You’ll soon discover that you’ve more in common with your garden birds than you’d ever imagined!

With illustrations, Ackerman brings to life the science and studies into these birds through anecdotes and vivid writing. You’ll be looking at all birds differently after you’ve read this; we are!

Piping Plover and its Chick

Everyone with an interest for birds or just nature writing in general will find this a truly fascinating read. For centuries people have believed that birds were of limited intelligence but Ackerman reveals that they are, undoubtably, amazingly clever and inventive.

Read an Excerpt here on The Literary Hub!

If you want to know more about Jennifer Ackerman and about her process of writing this absorbing book, you can read a fantastic interview with her in The Scientific American here. 

The Genius of Birds is published by Penguin and came out in 2016. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for a curious mind who’s fascinated by birds. We love this book and hope you do too!

For even more information, you can listen to an interview with Ackerman on NPR here!

Check out this wonderful book here.