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Tom Chambers Garden Bird Tables Guide

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Tom Chambers Bird Tables Guide

A British manufacturer, Tom Chambers is a highly reputable company who have been crafting excellent quality garden and wild bird products for over fifty years. With a comprehensive range of Tom Chambers bird tables available online, this is a trustworthy brand that make products that won’t fall apart. If you’re looking for a bird table that lasts, then you need a Tom Chambers bird table. For Tom Chambers Squirrel Proof Bird Tables See here.


Why are Tom Chambers Bird Tables So Good?

All made from FSC certified wood, Tom Chambers make their bird tables using sustainable sources but their expertise goes much further than that. Their bird tables are built at heights to keep feeding birds safe, they come with durable, real roofs and they are extremely stable.

So many bird tables are poor quality wood, hastily stapled together and will fall apart after a single season. Do you want to waste money on something cheap and distinctly not cheerful? What’s the point in buying a bad quality bird table only for it to fall apart the next year?

Tom Chambers bird tables are:

  • Built to withstand the trials of British weather
  • Made from high quality, durable wood
  • Made from FSC certified sustainable wood
  • Made with slate and wood roofs to last years and protect birds
  • Built at heights to keep birds safe
  • Made to be very stable on patios or lawns
Bird Nesting Box
Quality Bird Boxes will last many damp UK winters!

Common Features:

  • Slate roofs: Most bird tables come with wooden roofs but these will eventually become damp and rot, especially as they take the brunt of the weather. Genuine slate is used in many Tom Chambers designs and not only does it look beautiful, it’s incredibly practical as well.
  • Drainage holes: Essential to get rid of dampness from the table, small drainage holes are drilled into the corners of Tom Chambers bird tables to allow rainwater to escape.
  • Stable bases: You’d think that this was a given for a bird table the height of a person, but actually, many companies only offer simplistic cross feet, meaning the bird table will fall over in reasonable wind. The Tom Chambers designs tend to have much more stable bases, with reinforced joints and cross beams to give the table more weight and stability at the bottom. This is crucial in winter when winds can be very strong but birds still need to eat.
  • Good Height: Coming in a range between around 150cm and 210cm from base to roof, Tom Chambers bird tables are excellent heights to keep birds safe from cats and foxes.
  • Bird-safe wood stain: In order for wood to remain waterproof and mould-resistant, it must be coated in a good preserving treatment. These also give different colour finishes. But birds are eating and sometimes drinking off these surfaces and so the treatments must be non-toxic and bird-friendly. Tom Chambers designs all feature non-toxic wood treatments.


Let’s take a look at the 5 best Tom Chambers bird tables

Tom Chambers Garsdale Bird Table

One of the shortest Tom Chambers bird tables at 155cm, the Garsdale is an excellent, simple bird table with a slate roof. Crossbeams create a stable base and the rounded wood has a pleasant and finely crafted impression.

TheTom Chambers Garsdale Bird Table roof is a simple triangular tent design that allows water to run off and leave the seed and birds dry and safe. The Garsdale is made from Swedish Redwood and treated with a non-toxic wood stain that brings out the colour and protects from wear. This is a good, straightforward bird table that will feed all your garden birds from day one.

Bedale Bird Table


With a super solid base, this bird table is tall at 178cm but will stand strong in your garden whatever the weather. The wide, overhanging slate roof allows water to run off and ensures birds can feed even in the pouring rain without seed getting wet.

This Bedale Bird Table is one of Tom Chambers’ best designs and the four-sided slate roof is visually very impressive. The table itself is surprisingly enclosed given that it’s open on all sides, thanks to deep fiddles and the overhanging roof. Made from Swedish Redwood as well, this is a high quality bird table that should last for years and years. Like all Tom Chambers designs, it comes in two pieces and is easily assembled with wing-nuts.

Tom Chambers Hambleton Bird Table

This Tom Chambers Hambleton Bird Table blends the Bedale and the Garsdale designs into one to produce a classic and stunning bird table. Featuring rounded timber and a four-sided slate roof, this table gives birds excellent shelter from rain and sun.

Very stable with heavy duty cross beams around the base, this should be able to easily withstand inclement weather and protects birds from cats with a height of 170cm. Like all Tom Chambers bird tables, no tools are required to fix the two pieces together with they arrive, just do up the nuts!

Dovesdale Bird Table

This is really the king of Tom Chambers bird tables and offers everything your garden birds could need in a table. The hexagonal design gives birds excellent protection from rain, sun and wind and the deep fiddles mean seed shouldn’t spill. The slate roof won’t get damp and the wood is high quality and very durable.

This Dovesdale Bird Table is an investment in the lives and safety of the garden birds in your area and it should last for years. A substantial base gives this the stability it needs to stay upright in nasty winters and the drainage holes in the table mean that seed shouldn’t become damp and rot.

The overhanging roof not only gives amazing protection but it looks beautiful and classic too. If you’re looking for the best bird table out there for looks, wallet-friendliness and bird-friendliness, this is the one you should buy – it’s simply fantastic. At 180cm it’s at a great height to keep birds safe from cats too.


Tom Chambers Richmond Bird Table

From a practicality point of view, this Richmond design isn’t any better than the awesome Dovesdale above, but the aesthetics have been taken to a whole new level. With overlapping slate tiles and routed wooden decoration, this is a stunning bird table that is a must for those who like the most beautiful things for their garden.

This design takes all the best parts of the other designs, a good height (180cm), a heavy, stable base and a safe and sheltered feeding table and combines them with elegant craftsmanship. Again, this should last for years and years and the decoration is timeless and not at all overbearing. This is simply the best for those who value quality craftsmanship and an artistic flair.

You can get a great price on the Tom Chambers Richmond Bird Table from Amazon here.

Eurasian Wren garden bird
Eurasian Wren – A common garden bird