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Top 10 Unusual Bird Feeders

Amazing Bird Feeders

Unique Bird Feeders!

Naughty Gnomes, Tea Cups and Space Ships! Here are some incredible bird feeders!

We all know what normal bird feeders look like; plastic or wire cylinders that hang from trees or brackets. Some are designed to deter squirrels. But these plastic and metal things sometimes look a bit…well, plain.

Gardens are a big part of our lives and they’re an area for self-expression, so why not check out some more unusual bird feeders and make the most out of a new excuse for design. The birds don’t mind!


For the who like the best view

#1 Meripac Window Feeder


Meripac Window Feeder Available here from Amazon UK.

See-through and suckered onto a window, this bird feeder offers an unrivalled view of the birds that visit it. Made of plastic and easy to clean, this can hold water or bird seed and the two large suckers give it stability for even larger birds like blackbirds.

The only downside is that sudden movements within the room may disturb birds and prolonged activity may make them wary of the feeder. Once they’ve grown used to humans around though and see the feeder is unaffected, you’ll have brave and happy birds feeding like there’s no tomorrow!

For those who like decoration

#2 Swing Seat Bird Feeder


Sunset Seat Feeder – Wild Bird feeder

This is a super sweet miniature swing seat that holds plenty of bird seed and offers a new and exciting way for birds to get their food. While not to everyone’s tastes, those who like cute garden decoration will love it and it’s easy to hang from a tree branch. Unusual bird feeders like this certainly gain nods of approval from guests!


For those who like a bit of humour

#3 Chapelwood Little Owl Fun Bird Feeder

You can buy it here: Chapelwood Little Owl Fun Bird Feeder

While the visiting birds may not realise they’re nibbling out of a wire owl, guests certainly will and this bird feeder is a cute way to get a new garden decoration while supporting garden birds.

Holding up to 0.58kg of seed and made of durable metal, this will keep the birds happy year round without being victim to squirrel teeth or bad weather. With an inbuilt hanging frame, you can hang this from a feeding station, a tree or a wall bracket with ease.


For those who love pretty things

#4 Fallen Fruits Upside Down Teacup and Saucer Bird Feeder

Available here: Fallen Fruits Upside Down Teacup and Saucer Bird Feeder

Unique and stunning, this hanging upside-down teacup and saucer bird feeder would look eye-catching in any garden, especially a teashop garden! With the hook to hang a fatball from and the saucer for bird seed, this is the kind of thing you’d see hanging under an elegant tree in a well-loved garden.

This is ideal as a gift to anyone who loves their garden and their garden birds. But don’t think this is the only tea-themed designed, check out the:


#5 hanging teapot

Fallen Fruits Secrets Du Potager Teapot Bird Feeder


#6 hanging teacup

Which you can buy here: Teacup & Saucer Bird Feeder (Red & Pink Roses)

For those with a cheeky sense of humour

#7 Nibble My Bits Gnome Bird Feeder

Buy this cheeky chap here: Nibble My Bits Gnome Bird Feeder 

So you’re looking for a present for the joker within your family and friends eh? Then I think you’ve found the right bird feeder. This funny garden gnome has dropped trou for the birds and makes a great feeder for birds who love hopping about the lawn in search of nibbles like blackbirds and robins.

Not just for the ground though, you can hang this cheeky gnome up by the hole in the back (I know, I know) and affix him securely to a fence or garden wall. This is best if you have cats or foxes. Made from terracotta, this is a durable and well made feeder that is a total must have for anyone with a soft spot for garden gnomes.


For Doctor Who fans

#8 Police Box Bird Feeder

Dr Who – Police Box Bird Feeder – Get it here

This amazingly detailed police box bird feeder is perfect for anyone who loves Doctor Who, especially a child who you want to get interested in garden birds and…y’know…the outside. Not affiliated at all with the Doctor Who show, this would also work well as a gift for a policeman!

Well made and durable, this Police Box bird feeder can hang from a tree or bracket and is easy to fill. Not the only one in this style, check out the Traditional Red Telephone Phone Box Hanging Bird Feeder


For nautical and goldfinch lovers

#9 No/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder

You can buy it here: No/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder

This is a really excellently designed lighthouse bird feeder that’s designed to hold 1.5lbs of Nyjer seeds (the favourite food of goldfinches). Made from wire mesh with plenty of perches, this won’t rot or be damaged and should last for years.

What makes this design ever better is the solar powered LED that glows gently throughout the night, making this a real lighthouse! Sunflower seeds and other small seeds are perfect for this and will rest in the tray at the bottom as well as in the body. Sparrows and finches will flock to this and the perches can fit around 15 birds on them at a time

It should be noted that to allow the solar panel to charge, you need to turn the switch on underneath the top lid!


For those that have too many apples

#10 Hanging Apple or Fat Ball Bird Feeder


Hanging Apple or Fat Ball Bird Feeder

Both fatballs or apples can be skewered on this feeder and provide nutritious and highly energy meals for birds. This rustic and intriguing design looks good hanging from a tree and fatballs skewered on it will be particularly well received in winter when birds need the energy to stay alive.


There are lots of unusual bird feeders and novelty items out there, everything from wooden swings to cheeky gnomes. While wire mesh bird feeders are certainly some of the most durable, there are many mesh designs that are more interesting to look at than the simple cylindrical feeders.

Novelty unusual bird feeders also made exceptional gifts for garden lovers, especially as they are as decorative as they are practical! If you love your garden and enjoy decorating it, then why not combine that passion with supporting British garden birds.

If you are looking for a Squirrel Proof Bird feeder – see our guide here

top 10 unusual bird feeders

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No Mess Bird Seed

No Mess Bird Seed Guide Header

No Mess Bird Seed

No Mess Bird Seed Guide Header

You know the drill; you buy a bag of bird seed and the birds go wild. Seed is scattered here and there and a month later you’ve got something resembling a wild weed garden under and around your bird table. You thought birds were hungry, why all the waste? Uneaten and scattered bird seed usually comes with filler foods that birds don’t like and husks that they abandon – it’ll ruin the look of your garden and just create more work – so choose No Mess Bird Seed! This is perfect to put in your Squirrel Proof Feeder


What is No Mess Bird Seed?

Birds are never going to be neat eaters in the same way you’ll never see Downton Abbey characters chilling in the sitting room having a T.V. dinner with lap trays. But it’s not the manner in which birds eat that’s the problem; they don’t mind hopping about the grass to pick up scattered seed. The problem with messy bird seed is that the stuff scattered and left to grow isn’t actually what the birds want to eat.

Lots of bird food like peanuts have husks but birds prefer to de-husk seeds and nuts and eat the deliciousness on the inside and leave the husk to rot on the bird table or in the grass. No Mess Bird Seed has already been de-husked for the birds and for the cleanliness of your garden.

Cheap filler foods that birds don’t like much will result in them shirking that element of the bird seed and leaving it to rot and grow in your garden. Buying better quality bird seed that’s actually made with the birds in mind is a far better option and a big part of what makes No Mess Bird Seed not messy!

No Mess Bird Seed is usually:

  • De-husked so no husks are left by birds to rot
  • Full of seed that garden birds love
  • Wide in range to appeal to all garden birds
  • Dustier than husk bird seed
  • The favourite food of garden birds!


You should choose No Mess Bird Seed

Birds simply love No Mess Bird Seed because it’s been tailored to their tastes and it contains no husks, which they have to expend energy of getting off the seed. This makes No Mess Bird Food a better food for the birds themselves, not just you and you’ll soon see how happy it makes them.

With the husks not present, dropped seed can’t grow and that means that not only is scattered seed not a problem, but if you don’t have a bird table to begin with then you can use No Mess Bird Seed on the lawn without having to worry about sprouting a weed garden.


Bird Seed Ingredients

The best No Mess Bird Seeds usually contains a range of seeds like sunflower as well as kibbled maize and no-husk oats. This type of bird food is high energy and caters to the tastes of all garden birds from bluetits and robins to blackbirds and goldfinches.

Big brands like RSPB and Gardman make outstanding No Mess Bird Seed and in the case of the RSPB, all profits go into the charity. Supporting British garden birds by giving them No Mess Bird Seed really is making a difference.


The Best No Mess Bird Seed

Because the birds in your garden will vary from other people’s, it can take a couple of bags of different brands to really hit the nail on the head and get the perfect bird seed for your garden visitors. However, whichever you buy, chances are it’ll go down a treat.


RSPB No Mess Sunflower Seed Mix

RSPB No Mess Sunflower Seed Mix

With a good mix of sunflower seeds, oats and maize, this No Mess Bird Seed can be used on lawns, patios, bird tables and even in bird feeders. Appropriate for all year round use, this is packed with energy and will be an instant hit with all your garden birds.


Gardman No Mess Seed Mix 

Gardman No Mess Seed Mix – 12.75kg

This No Mess Bird Seed from Gardman is a total bargain and should keep your birds going for months and months. With no husks, there’ll be no sprouting weeds and the seed is much easier and faster for the birds to eat.

Because scattered feed can’t grow, you can use this on the lawn without worrying or just stick it on the bird table or in the feeder and watch the birds flock!


Kew Wildlife Care Collection

Kew Wildlife Care Collection 2Kg Kew Energy Rich No Mess


Specifically designed to appeal to a broad range of garden birds and containing no dull fillers that won’t be eaten, this No Mess Bird Seed from Kew will spark a feeding frenzy of happy garden birds. Made from sunflower hearts, kibbled maize, red dari, yellow millet and pinhead oatmeal, this can be scattered on the lawn, patio, bird table or used to fill a bird feeder.

Rich in energy and suitable for year round feeding, this mix won’t leave husks and rotting matter in your garden or on your bird table. British garden birds really do need help getting enough food, in the summer as well as in the winter and seed mixes like this are saving their lives. Support British garden birds!


ChapelWood High Energy No Mess Seed Mix

ChapelWood High Energy No Mess Seed Mix 12.75kg


This ChapelWood No Mess Bird Seed not only contains a range of de-husked seed and kibbled maize, it also has suet pellets, which are packed with fat and energy. This is especially good for colder months but garden birds need feeding throughout the summer and autumn too.

ChapleWood have a range of No Mess Bird Seed so you can change it around at different times of the year. While the suet pellets are great for winter, the Everyday No Mess Bird Seed is brilliant for spring and summer which its easily digestible seed and wheat.


Garden birds are declining and if you have a patio, garden or even just a balcony, there’s so much you can do to help keep these wonderful creatures fed and healthy. De-husked bird seed not only keeps your garden and patio clean, it also saves birds time and effort – they don’t want husks either!

No Mess Bird Seed is a win-win for the birds, for you and for your garden. It’s no just No Mess, it’s a No Brainer!

It’s perfect to go in your Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – See our guide here

No Mess Bird Seed Pinterest Image