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Stone Bird Baths – Garden Birds

The Best Stone Bird Baths

Classic and traditional, stone bird baths are guaranteed to add a bit of style to your garden as well as being very practical. Although the first purpose built bird bath wasn’t invented until the 1840s, there’s something about stone bird baths that innately hints of manor houses and Pride and Prejudice. Thanks to the classical and effective design, stone bird baths are still highly sought after. You may also be interested in our Bird feeder guide here.

Stone Bird Baths

Why choose a rock bird bath?

Stone bird baths are not only attractive to look at, they are also a much more natural feature in the garden and patio than metal or glass. Stone weathers authentically and decades will pass without it looking run down unlike man-made materials which have a tendency to break or spoil.

Stone bird baths are also very stable and can take any weather that gets thrown at them, be it strong winter winds or freezing water. These bird baths hark back to a time when things were truly built to last and a high quality solid bird bath should easily outlive you. These are lifetime investments.

Stone bird bath

How to choose a bird bath

There are as many stone bird baths out there as there are birds to frolic in them and a huge range of quality, style and price is available. Let’s break the choice down into easy chunks:


Types of Rock/Stone Bird Baths


  • Cast Stone/Concrete: Simple cast stone bird births are available to buy for very affordable prices but bear in mind that ‘cast stone’ is a euphemism for concrete. Concrete bird baths are the most affordable of the stone bird baths but they also have that too neat look that one doesn’t get with real stone. You can also get very expensive cast stone bird baths of excellent quality.

Saying that, concrete or even ‘granite resin’ bird baths are highly durable and very hardy, capable of surviving harsh winters and a cheeky bathing owl. Any stone bird bath that is cast has been made of some form of concrete.


  • Handcrafted from block stone: Natural granite bird baths are those made out of pure granite – i.e. not granite that has been mashed and mixed with resin to form concrete. Handcrafted natural granite bird baths are often traditionally made and each are individual and unique.



Stone bird bath styles range from Celtic and Renaissance to Egyptian and modern. If you want cherubs gazing longingly into the water then no problem, or perhaps you’d like cast stone ivy leaves winding their way up the sides? Sure thing. Maybe you don’t want any choss and inside design a simple, modern design.

It’s easy to find a style that suits you and suits your garden and if you’re looking for something truly wonderful, there are several excellent companies out there handcrafting stone bird baths in new and stunningly artistic ways. Just check out the Torstone Stacked Boulder Bird Bath

How much do they Cost?

Stone bird baths typically cost between £50 and £500 and many of the priciest ones are actually cast stone. Not all cast stone is the same quality though and some of the best stone bird baths out there are indeed reconstituted stone.

Work out your budget first as this will help you narrow down your choices but bear in mind that a good quality stone bird bath should last a lifetime. Literally. These aren’t like wooden or glass bird baths, stone baths are designed to put up with decades and decades worth of weather and wear and still be in good condition.


Top Five Bird Baths

Best Natural Stone Bird Bath

Garden Bird Bath Feeder – Quadrate Natural Granite Stone Birdbath

Simple and modern, this is a handcrafted natural granite bird bath that isn’t made from concrete. The roughness of the stone gives birds excellent holding so they can safely perch on the edge and drink or get traction in the water to bathe.

At 35kg, this can be moved by two people around the garden or patio to find the best spot and it will stay stable in high winds and nasty weather. Frost proof and very durable, you can expect this to be entertaining birds for decades to come.

The only real downside of this is that it’s low at just 40cm tall. This is a problem if you have cats who are partial to chasing birds although it can be overcome by putting the bird bath in a large, clear space, giving birds a full visual over the area.


Runner Up Natural Stone Bird Bath


Garden Bird Bath – Hampton Natural Granite Grey Stone Birdbath 

At 70cm high, this is certainly a better stone bird bath from a cat point of view and birds will be safer and more readily use it as they have a better vantage point. Beautiful and handcrafted, this natural granite stone bird bath is a true investment piece for a much loved garden.


Best Natural Looking Stone Bird Bath

Traditional Style Obelisk Design Birdbath Stone Bird Bath Cotswold Stone Finish

There aren’t too many natural carved stone bird baths out there anymore as it’s just so much easier and more cost effective to cast stone. If you’re looking for a natural looking cast stone bird bath then you can certainly save a lot of money and this traditional style stone bird bath is a bargain.

It comes in two separate pieces although the manufacturers do state that these can be permanently joined together with certain glues – useful if you have children as larking around the garden could theoretically knock the top off.

Looking very natural, this stone bird bath is made from reconstituted Cotswold Stone and is very durable and frost proof. Under £100, this is a good price for an attractive stone bird bath and it’s certainly not obvious that it’s cast. The downside? It’s very low at 38cm high and this could be problematic if you have cats.


Runner Up Natural Looking Stone Bird Bath

Swindon Birdbath (Buff)

While this isn’t going to fool anyone, it does look pretty and authentic from a distance and still is very attractive up close. It’s not particularly tall but is very stable and should last for many years. This also comes in two colours, Natural and Buff.


Best Cast Stone Bird Bath

Garden Bird Bath – Granite Resin Birdbath Feeder 

This twist design is very eye-catching and the smooth bowl is the perfect top. This may not look like a natural granite product but it doesn’t need to be because the design is utterly modern and very pleasing.

At 70cm tall, this gives birds the safety and vantage point to avoid any prowling cats and the rim has enough grip for steady perching and bathing.

The main downside to this is that the bowl is really too deep for most garden birds at around 6 inches in the centre with very little in the way of a graduated depth. You can get around this problem by putting stones and pebbles inside the bowl, which I highly recommend, in order to make it shallower and far safer for tiny garden birds.

Made from granite resin, this is a very durable bird bath and is designed in a style that doesn’t hark back to the era of cherubs – which is a good thing. It’s also an excellent price for this quality of bird bath and the height and stability is ideal.

Don’t forget to get a bird feeder too – Garden birds love to eat and wash in the same place.

Top 5 Stone Bird Baths