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Garden Bird Feeding Stations

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What Are Bird Feeding Stations?

Bird feeding stations are a step up from solo bird feeders and provide a larger array of choice and space for your visiting garden birds. Ranging from coat-rack style stations to hanging platforms, feeder stations are perfect for gardens full of birdlife or if you want to attract more wild birds to your area. For Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders see this page.

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What’s good about bird feeder stations?

When you’ve only got a single bird feeder, chances are that only two or three small birds will be able to fit on the feeder at a time. Many only have two seed doors as well, so only two birds can realistically feed at a time. This isn’t ideal for several reasons.


  • Some garden birds are a little feistier than others and might dominate the feeder and cause a fuss if another bird tries to join them.
  • There are a wide variety of beautiful garden birds out there and they don’t all like the same types of seed; goldfinches, for example, are particularly fond of nyjer seeds.
  • A crowded bird feeder can send small birds off elsewhere in search of food, and the aim is to attract a good population of birds to your garden.

Bird feeder stations allow a much larger range of birds to enjoy plentiful food in your garden without overcrowding or risk of annoying each other. What’s more, you can fill different feeders with different seeds and attract bluetits to one feeder and goldfinches to another at the same time.

What exactly is a bird feeder station then?

Bird feeding stations are set-ups with more than one platform or container for birdseed. Popular ones are poles with several branches coming off and from each one you can hang a bird feeder.

Other bird feeing stations look like stepped platforms, with multiple bird tables spanning out from one stand. Some are freestanding for the lawn or patio, some are hanging from trees and some are bracketed for the sides of buildings and houses. Whatever type of garden or home you have, chances are you’ll be able to find a bird feeder station to suit.


How to choose the bird feeder station for you

Perhaps you live in a large house with sprawling gardens, or maybe you live on an estate with a pure grass back garden or perhaps you live in a highrise flat with a small balcony – wherever you live and whatever type of home you have, there’s a bird feeding station for you. Except if you live on a squirrel farm or at a cattery. In which case…maybe not.

If you have squirrels… If you live in a garden with pesky squirrels then you’ll need a bird feeding station with squirrel-resistance baffles or a multi-branch hanging station where you can hang globe mesh squirrel proof bird feeders.

If you have cats…If you have cats then hanging bird feeding stations are also good, or bracketed stations as cats cannot get to either of these. Larger platform bird stations are probably not a good idea for those with cats or squirrels as these often have thick wooden stands, which are easy for both to climb.

If you live somewhere without a garden then bracketed bird feeding stations are excellent. You can attach these to an exterior wall or balcony and birds will be able to find a great source of food within the urban area. The Chaplewood Wall Dining Station is a perfect example of a bird feeding station that can be attached to exterior walls. You don’t need a garden to enjoy garden birds!

For those with gardens, the coat rack style bird feeding stations are ideal and you can affix baffles to them if you have a squirrel problem. When you buy one of these freestanding designs, you typically buy the frame itself and have to buy the actual hanging feeders separately. This is beneficial because feeders can be very different and it’s important to buy the ones that suit you and your birds.

A good example of the coat rack hanging type of bird feeding station is the Gardman Deluxe wild bird feeding station.

Very affordable and beautifully designed, this stands freely on lawns or patios and allows for not only four separate hanging feeders, but also fat ball hanging as well as a bird seed tray and a bird bath. Amazing huh? Within a week your garden will be the playground of all the local small garden birds.


Best Freestanding Wild Bird Feeding Station


Gardman Complete Feeding Station with Four Feeders

Much like the Gardman I mentioned above, for only a few pounds more you can get the comprehensive wild bird feeding station that comes with four hanging feeders to start you off. This is the perfect solution for those with a generalised array of garden birds who want a freestanding bird feeding station, as you don’t need to spend anymore on buying feeders.

With a fat ball hanging branch and four hanging feeders, all you need to do with this is fill it up with seeds and exciting bird food and watch the little brightly coloured feathered creatures descend. The feeders are all different and designed for different fillings and different birds, making this ideal to attract a range.

While this is a freestanding station, it doesn’t have a base and instead the pole must be driven into the ground. Therefore, it requires a garden rather than a patio. If you have a garden though, this is an absolute bargain and a great, metal design that is durable and effective.


Best Bird Feeding Station for Multiple Bird Populations

Bird Sanctuary Feeding Station Tree by Tom Chambers

This extraordinary design is ideal for gardens with large bird populations or true bird lovers. With space to hang ten bird feeders, you can really cater individually for every type of bird that visits. While the feeders themselves aren’t supplied, this means you can buy weight operated squirrel proof feeders, peanut feeders and any other type without having to stick with what’s provided.

At 220m high, this pole design must be driven into the ground and needs a garden and not a patio. Very easy to put together, one you’ve got your seed-filled feeders and some fat balls up, just sit back with a camera and a cup of tea and watch the sheer joy of the garden birds as they flit between feeders.


Best Hanging Bird Feeding Station

Hanging Wooden Bird Feeder Station Table Feeder Seed Station


If you don’t want a freestanding bird feeding station then a hanging one is the best option. These can be hung from trees, brackets or really anything you have with height in the garden. The Hanging Wooden Bird Feeder Station is a pretty wood design with two integrated bird feeders. It also has a mesh section for suet, a water bowl for drinking and a fruit pin for fruit or fat balls.

Birds won’t be too exposed with this unique design and are protected from rain by the roof – which has the added benefit of preventing rot and mould on the seeds and peanuts. This is a small yet comprehensive hanging bird feeding station that provides plenty of options for a variety of garden birds while not needing a lawn.

The two integrated feeders are different as well, one for seed and one for peanuts. With no assembly required and no extra purchase except for the food, this is a real bargain and attracts all sorts of garden birds. Fill it up and hang it up and within an hour you’ll have your first feathery friend.


Best Wall Bracketed Bird Feeding Station

Wall Mounted Bird Feeder Station with Two 11″ Nut & Seed Feeders

 Unobtrusive and neat, this two-feeder wall bracketed bird station is a great way to feed the birds without needing a garden or patio. This simply screws into an exterior wall or balcony and comes ready with two bird feeders; one for seed and one for peanuts.

The feeders are metal and very durable from weather and hungry squirrels. Only protruding out from the wall by 30cm, this is ideal for those with not much space or who want to keep their birds feeders up out of the way of cats. If you have an overhanging roof, then you can even keep it fairly sheltered from rain.


Best Wooden Bird Feeder Station Platform

Fordwich Bird Table Fully Assembled

If you don’t have cats or squirrels in the area and want a traditional bird table feeding station then this is a great product. With a durable roof, seed and nuts stay dry even in rain and birds have somewhere sheltered to fill up on snacks. The wooden design means you could easily screw small hooks into the side from which to hang fat balls, even though the design doesn’t include these.

Thanks to the highly sheltered design, larger birds like pigeons and jackdaws won’t fit inside, leaving the seed and nuts for smaller garden birds. At 4.5ft high, this is a solidly built and stable bird feeding station, although in strong winds with no wall or hedge for protection, it may need a weight to keep it upright.

Many wooden table designs are flimsy and poorly made but it’s definitely worth investing in something better like this. Offering small birds real protection, this is the perfect answer for any bird lover wanting a traditional wooden bird feeding station.

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