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Bird Book of the Week – WEEK TWO

RSPB Pocket Bird Guide

Welcome back to the Bird Book of the Week feature! We hope you enjoyed last week’s look at Matt Sewell’s fantastic and heartwarming watercolour book Our Garden Birds. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.


RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds 2nd Edition – by Simon Harrap

Compact and detailed, this pocket bird identification guide is ideal for carrying with you on walks and hikes. With 215 featured birds, this guide covers all the most common birds you’re likely to see, including those that live mostly in gardens.

Fully illustrated, each picture is very detailed and includes not just adult plumage but often juvenile as well and seasonal feather changes. A particularly useful feature is the information about which other birds a bird is liable to be mistaken for.

Each bird also has a distribution map, showing you where the species can be found as well as detailed information on breeding, eating habits, typical behaviour, migration and conservation. You can see what the bird looks like in flight as well as the size of the birds, both very useful for identifying tricky species.

As you would expect from an RSPB product, this is very easy to use, well laid out and written very clearly. As a pocket book it’s very indispensable and fits easily into a coat pocket or the glovebox of your car.

So if you’ve been scratching your head over that little brown mottled fellow exploring your bird table, or that long-tailed ball of feathers clinging to your bird feeder, now’s the time to get yourself the RSPB’s pocket guide book. It’s cheap, it’s detailed, and it’ll contain most of your feathered friends!