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Bird Book of the Week – WEEK ONE

Matt Sewell Our Garden Birds

Bird books increase our understanding of these wonderful garden visitors and teach us how to aid in their breeding, feeding and conservation. They also provide us with stunning photographs and illustrations of our favourite neighbourhood singers.

So from now on we’ll be running a weekly featured bird book!

From identification guides to incredible artwork, check back each Sunday to see the best bird books out there.


Our Garden Birds by Matt Sewell

This is one of the most heart-warming garden birds books you’re ever likely to find and makes for a great gift to a loved one as well as to yourself!

Featuring 52 watercolour garden birds, Sewell has delicately painted one for each week of the year and his paintings are bound to mesmerise you.

Complete with hilarious and adorable descriptions, this is a book that will keep you laughing all weekend and you’ll soon be pointing at the blue tit in your garden and saying, ‘yes, yes, that’s right! He is plucky and resourceful!’

Suitable for adults and children alike, this will inspire anyone to spend more time watching the birds and maybe even inspire you to get out those old watercolours in the back of the cupboard! Sewell’s sheer love of birds shines through in every page, every painting and every description and he really will make you laugh out loud.

So if you’re looking for something simply beautiful and charming to add to your coffee table or to give to a bird loving friend, we are Garden Birdlife can truly recommend Sewell’s Our Garden Birds. We challenge you not to be utterly touched by each page!

This wonderful book is available on Kindle or in hardcover but, simply put, the Kindle just can’t do it justice. While the Kindle version can be read on a tablet, it’s just not as enjoyable as a true hardback book where the illustrations truly come alive. But here’s a tip: the price is only a teeny bit different!