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Bird Book of the Week – WEEK FOUR

my first bird book

My First Book of Garden Birds (RSPB) – by Sarah Whittley and Mike Unwin

A Picture Book

We love garden birds and presumably you do to. There’s simply nothing more satisfying to know that you’ve got a healthy community of birds enjoying and feeding from your garden. Who needs approving neighbours when the proof is in the ten birds on your feeders each day?

But us adults aren’t the only ones to love garden birds. In fact, these are often the first birds (that aren’t pigeons) that children see. Watching these cheeky little creatures hop about the garden and search for food is a fantastic way for kids of all ages to begin to understand the natural world.

This picture book from the RSPB is an excellent guide for children aged 2 to 7. With its beautifully illustrated pictures and guessing theme, young children will soon be shouting ‘Robin!’ when they see that little red-breasted chap on the fence.

This is a great book for very young children as they get to look at the pictures and then guess what the bird is. For slightly older children, not only will they enjoy learning what the most common birds are but it could even spark a real interest in birdwatching and the outside world. And let’s face it, anything that gets kids outside must be good!

Check out this wonderful book from the RSPB and ignite a love of nature within the children in your life.