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Bird Book of the Week – WEEK FIVE

Secret Lives of Garden Birds

The Secret Lives of Garden Birds by Dominic Couzens

Another fantastic garden bird book from the RSPB, The Secret Lives of Garden Birds is a wonderfully and captivating look at why your birds are doing what they do.

Our gardens are full of birds behaving in strange ways, from sitting atop ants’ nests to dancing wildly around the lawn with their wings spread. Just what are they up to? Dominic Couzens reveals just what these cheek fellows get up to behind the scenes as well as those behaviours we see out in the open.

Month by Month

Taking the reader through the year month by month, Couzens gives an in-depth look at the social stratas, mating habits, territorial disputes and hilarious dramas of our garden birds. Turn off the soap opera, grab a chair by the conservatory windows and open up to the first chapter; you’ll be hooked!

Full of illustrations, photographs and easy to read yet detailed text, this book will have you laughing out loud and going ‘ahhh, so that’s what they’re doing!’ Suitable for anyone with an interest in garden birds, this is exactly the type of book you’ll be plucking off the shelf every other day to look at.

Get to know exactly what your community of garden birds is really doing with the fantastic The Secret Lives of Garden Birds.