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Adorable Christmas Birds – Robin Mania!


Have you seen the Waitrose Christmas advert? It features a totally adorable robin who flies home for Christmas. Watch it here:

It also promotes Waitrose’s hashtag #HomeForChristmas. The blurb says: “A courageous robin undertakes an epic journey home to Britain, where a young girl eagerly awaits his annual return #HomeForChristmas”

Well, depsite the fact that it is an advert, the filming is excellent and watching a robin flying through thick and thin is hartwarming. An ideal 2 minute distraction!



Have you got a birdfeeder ready for Xmas birds? Check out the best options for you here – Garden BirdLife’s Complete Guide


Michael Morpurgo’s short story

The Waitrose Christmas advertb seems to be based loosly on Michael Morpurgo’s short story which you can hear him read above. As well as some delieghtful animations.

And if all these stories about coming home for Christmas are inspiring you to cook for family and friends, then have a look at these excellent Robin Cupcakes, again by Waitrose, who seem to have the monopoly on Robin themed items this year, or perhaps just some clever marketing to support their seasonal adverts. None the less, the recipe looks great, I havent had time to try it myself, do post a comment if you have had success making these cakes!

Chocolate Robin Cupcakes